Waterkloof Primary School Vision and Mission statements:


That this school may develop young citizens
with soundly developed
emotional, intellectual and physical attributes
established standards of integrity
and strength of character
to serve free of all bias
South Africa
and our fellow citizens.

That this school may establish
a happy and safe environment in which our children will flourish
and develop positive, sensitive
and society-centred attitudes.

That this school may promote the hopes, ideals and
the highest standards of our community.

That this school will be a centre of excellence
in all our endeavours
to achieve the full potential of each child
and to establish life skills.

That this school will encapsulate a spirit
which allows teachers freedom
and opportunity
to develop and grow
with a sense of fulfilment.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Waterkloof Primary School
is to provide
educational opportunities
to develop
a balanced child
in order
for him or her
to achieve his/her full potential

Admissions 2020    
Please note the application process to be followed for all new Learners that wish to be enroled at Waterkloof Primary School during the 2020 academic year.

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