The theme for our 60th birthday came from a simple quote attributed to a wise woman whose name is unknown, and it was,

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”

This wise old woman, and she was wise indeed, said that,

“There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots and the other wings.”

This statement may sound contradictory but on closer examination this vivid metaphor rings clear and true. The home is where it all has to start and at school we build on the morals, values and confidence taught at home. For six decades the WPS community has inculcated a proud history of just this in our learners.

We have every right to be proud of our school but not arrogant.

Pride, coupled with compassion, understanding and acceptance of one another comes from our deep roots and through to our wings, which allow us to fly. We are, and always have been, a diverse community, and in this diversity we have grown from strength to strength so that today we can confidently say that for six decades we have flown high.

To grow, a plant needs roots.
Roots need:

  • good soil
  • a mix of compost and manure (life comes with manure at times!)
  • rain and warmth.

Our children are no different – they need deep roots. Roots deep in faith.
Roots that hold firm in tempests.

A conscience that knows

  • right from wrong
  • kindness from unkindness
  • justice from injustice.

Our children need morals and values that are so deeply rooted in them that they automatically make the right choices. They need to become self-disciplined and able to guide themselves and others to become responsible citizens who take responsibility and accountability for their choices and actions.

They need to become so confident in what is right that they can show real love and compassion in their dealings with all who are around them.

The above can only come from roots that can weather storms, rain, lightning, hail and snow; and roots that appreciate the warmth of the sun when the storms are over.

Roots are our foundations and our compass, and wings, our bravery. Bravery to explore, develop, think, question and take sensible, well thought through risks. To blaze a trail where none have gone before. Our partnership of parents and teachers can only continue to prosper if the WPS family flies high together, allowing all to make mistakes and to think of them, not as failures but as lessons. Our respect of ourselves and others shown through good manners, tolerance and empathy is vital.

Our academic, cultural and sporting success all lie in our roots and our wings. We can never allow mediocrity and apathy to creep into our school, for these are like wood rot that destroys even the strongest roots.

Consider this quote by Jim Wolf:

“One tree outlives the mighty oak,
because it is made of special folk.
A sturdy trunk that lends support
and gives us care of every sort.”

We are those special folk, the sturdy trunk!

S.C. Monyai




BJ van Niekerk

Waterkloof Primary School has earned its reputation as an institution that is well-established in the principles of education. It strives to maintain a balanced outlook in preparing children for their continuing education in high school – and for life.

In our changing South African environment, the challenges in education include the need to instill a sense of security for the future in the minds of our youth; a future that holds promise for every child.

The education system places great pressures on our educators and I am proud to commend the dedication and perseverance of the highly qualified and motivated staff at Waterkloof Primary School.

Our students too, have proved themselves as committed and enthusiastic achievers. Our facilities are gradually being upgraded. The gardens, tennis courts and palisade fence are but a few of the projects completed in the last few years.  Maintenance takes place continuously to keep the school smart.

New ideas and initiatives are constantly welcome. May we never find contentment in gaining knowledge, but may we find joy in venturing out and challenging that knowledge and gaining new experiences. It is through experience that we will find our ability; gain self-knowledge and the realisation that we are both learner and teacher.

Stand Tall, Stand Proud.

B.J. van Niekerk




Waterkloof English Medium Primary School was built as a consequence of strong appeals by the community for the establishment of an additional English medium primary school on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria.  The buildings were planned by a project committee of the CSIR who were mandated to research and design the ideal school of the time.  While it was necessary, some years later, to make modifications, our school buildings were soundly planned and built. The separation, by the hall, of the senior school on the eastern side from the junior school on the west, spacious junior classrooms each with its own storeroom and lavatories, are but two examples of sensible planning not found in modern schools.

The school opened in January 1958 with an enrolment of 351 children, many of whom are the parents of today.  There was no tuckshop, no swimming pool, no tennis court and no grass.  On 1 March 1958 the school was officially opened by the Administrator of the Transvaal, Dr William Nicol.

We acknowledge with thanks the efforts of all who have served this school over forty years.  We have them to thank for developing the facilities that we have today. The building, grounds and facilities, however, are mere mortar, bricks and sand.  The life blood of our school is our school community.  The children, the teachers, the administrative ladies, the grounds staff, the Governing Body, the Parent Teachers Association, the Mothers’ Committee, the parents and our friends are the elements that have made our school successful.  However, we must not make the mistake of resting on our laurels.  We must continue to build for the children of today so that their children will happily celebrate the anniversaries to come.

I have always considered that an essential basic requirement of a school is that it be a happy environment.  I quote the closing sentence of Mr Hugo Minnaar’s last letter to the school, “May Waterkloof always be a happy school, for it is only in a happy school that all can produce their best work.”

W.M.D. Bowker



No school can be inspired without a sustaining credo to support it over the years.  It must have horizons on which to focus the attention, and the drive and energy to get there.

After twenty-five years we have reached a horizon but this merely opens up more distant horizons in the future, so we must keep faith and a steady movement forward along paths yet unknown.

This magazine is dedicated to the teachers and administrative personnel of this school who for the past twenty-five years have given their love and affection, their time and energy to make it the vital and living memorial to all who have passed through it and those who are here at present.

We have also emphasized the overriding importance of good human relations based upon sensitivity, tolerance and goodwill.

We have encouraged the children to appreciate the virtues of collaboration, to foster habits of responsibility and self-discipline and to promote initiative, endeavour and the exercise of individual judgement.

And finally we have encouraged an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of a changing society, yet firmly upholding a belief in basic values and standards.

The past twenty-five years have seen the first satellite launched, the computer perfected and miniaturized, television introduced in this country and the social scene and life style of people change. The next twenty-five years will see a continued knowledge explosion, permanent stations in space and further changes in social life.

Education will require teachers of quality to lead the next generation forward.  They will have to be the moral leaders of the future, responding positively to a changing society and showing the continued enthusiasm, idealism, compassion, humility and good humour that is necessary in this important profession.

F.H. Salmon




Once again this is a new venture, another first in this our young school.  We, of this generation, have been very fortunate in that we have had the unique experience of seeing a school come into being and we have been privileged to help in shaping its destiny, and in building its tradtions.

We are pioneers in a country where a pioneering spirit runs strongly in our blood. This, no doubt, has contributed in no small measure to the enthusiasm with which we have launched our new school.  There has been an indomitable spirit that has made it possible for us to achieve much in a very short time.
This achievement has not been easy. A new school is faced with innumerable problems. Perhaps the gravest of all was surmounted when the committee of parents were able to convince the Administrator of the Transvaal, Dr William Nicol, that it was necessary to have a school in Waterkloof.  The next problem was to raise the vast sums of money required for its development, to select a staff, to design a uniform, and finally to inspire all to be loyal and generous in their support and to persevere when the first flush of enthusiasm had passed.

It is to these leaders that we have dedicated the first copy of our magazine.
To the children I wish to add that I can see that they have also inherited that fine spirit and that in the last three years they have played an important role in converting a mere school building into “Our School” of which we are justly proud.

To my staff I wish to express my sincere gratitude for their loyalty and hard work. Mr Salmon, our vice-principal, has set a wonderful example here and all members of the staff have cheerfully undertaken more than their share of the work. This happy spirit of co-operation and hard work has been characteristic of all our undertakings and may we persevere in the same manner in the future.

H.H. Minnaar


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